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Origin of French cuisine [Carpaccio]



What is carpaccio?

Since Italian painter Vitto Carpaccio liked thin slices of raw beef with parmigiano reggiano,

There is a theory that he is called Carpaccio after his name.


The style based on his unique red color,

There is also a theory that it has a name because it resembles the color of raw beef sliced ​​on a plate.

As a third theory, 1963 (also the 1950 theory),

During the 500th Anniversary of the Vitto Carpaccio birth in Venice,

It is also known to be a dish devised at the local restaurant “Harry's Bar”.

Whereas the previous two theories presuppose that it is a traditional Venetian dish,

The third theory established in Italy, is

It claims to be a creative dish of recent years.

In Italian Wikipedia (it: Carpaccio (gastronomia)),

Giuseppe Cipriani (Italian version), the owner and chef of Harry's Bar and also the creator of the cocktails "Bellini" and "Rossini",

In honor of Vitto Carpaccio's 500th Anniversary Exhibition held in Venice,

The beautiful contrast between red and white, which is characteristic of carpaccio painting,

It is said to be expressed using raw beef and mayonnaise-based sauce.

The reason that Cipriani chose raw sirloin as a material to express <red of carpaccio> is

His friend, Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo,

It is said that the doctor banned cooked meat dishes.

There is also a statement that it was inspired by a traditional dish in the Langhe region of Piedmont, where raw beef was topped with garlic, olive oil, Grana Padano cheese, and white truffles from Alba.

In Japan,

Instead of raw beef tenderloin, tuna and bonito,

Carpaccio using sashimi such as salmon is a typical example of Japanese and Western eclectic cuisine (Western style Japanese arrangement),

It is said that the creator is Ochiai of the restaurant "La Bettola da Ochiai".

In Italy, the birthplace of carpaccio,

Due to the worldwide boom in sashimi, the number of carpaccios using raw fish meat is increasing.


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