French cuisine 基本調理

Basic cooking of French cuisine [dessert cream sauce]


Cream sauce for dessert

Moose and Vavalois

In addition to eating it as a light, cold entorme, it is often treated like cream and combined with a dough such as a sponge.



It is made by adding fresh cream or meringue to fruit puree, chocolate, etc., and then chilling and solidifying, often by adding gelatin to solidify.



It is a cream that is whipped and added with creme anglaise and hardened with gelatin. You can add fruit puree, chocolate, coffee, etc. to add various flavors.



It is a mixture of egg white and granulated sugar that is whipped to be used as a base for sponge dough, mousse, cream, etc.

What is dried and baked in a low-temperature oven is called meringue, and cream and chocolate are combined to make sweets.


Almond or hazelnut powder and a small amount of wheat flour or starch are added to meringue and baked to make candy, called schuse, prog, and cream.

Meringue can be divided into several types depending on the recipe and the ratio of egg white and granulated sugar.


French meringue

Granulated sugar added to egg whites and whipped at room temperature.

The basic formula is twice as much granulated sugar as egg white. First, whisk with the same amount of granulated sugar as egg white, then add the remaining granulated sugar and whisk.


Italian meringue

It is called Italian meringue made by adding syrup boiled at high temperature to egg white and whipping.

The basic composition here is also twice as much granulated sugar as egg white. I use it for mousses and macaroons.


Swiss meringue

Add granulated sugar to the egg white, warm it to about 50 degrees with hot water and whisk.

The basic formula is twice as much granulated sugar as egg white. Egg white is characterized by being light and strong.


Sugar coating

Sugar coating is used as the main ingredient of sugar such as granulated sugar, which is applied to the finish of confectionery to give a dry and glossy surface.

The most commonly used ingredients are glass a roe, powdered sugar, water, glass royale mixed with powdered sugar, egg white, and lemon juice, and fondant made by syrup boiled at high temperature to crystallize white. Is famous.


Part damand

It's marzipan. It is a mixture of almonds and granulated sugar that is ground into a paste.



It is made by boiling granulated sugar into caramel and adding dice almonds to solidify.

It is rolled out into a plate while it is warm, cut out, shaped and used as a base for craft confectionery, and used as a center for chocolate and candy.



It is a mixture of caramelized almonds that have been cooked and ground into a paste.


名前 フランス語 材料 用途
クレーム・アングレーズ créme anglaise Egg yolk + granulated sugar + milk (vanilla) Heat to about 80 degrees and thicken. Bavarois base and dessert sauce
Creme au beurre
クレーム・オ・ブール créme au beurre Claim Anglers + Butter

Italian meringue + butter

Whole egg + hot syrup + butter

Genoise, Biscuit, Bouch de Noel, Petit Fools
クレーム・シャンティ créme chantilly Fresh cream + granulated sugar Genoise, dessert decoration using biscuis, etc.
クレーム・シブースト créme chiboust creme patissiere + gelatin + Italian meringue cyboust, Saint-Honore
クレーム・ダマンド créme d'amandes butter + sugar + almond powder + whole egg stuff in a dough and bake. Garret des Rois, Pitivie
クレーム・ディプロマット créme diplomate creme patissiere + gelatin + whipped cream cream puff
クレーム・フエテ créme fouettée Fresh cream (whipped without sugar) Bavalois, Diplomat
クレーム・フランジパーヌ créme frangipane Creme frangipane + almond cream tarte
クレーム・ムースリーヌ créme lousseline Claim Patissiere + Butter

-Creme Patissiere + Butter cream

I use it as a substitute for candy that uses creme patissier
クレーム・パティシエール créme pâtissière egg yolk + granulated sugar + flour + milk + vanilla cream puff, eclairs, millefeuille
ガナッシュ ganache chocolate + fresh cream truffle, opera, etc.
パータ・ボンブ pâte à bombe egg yolk + syrup butter cream, base of parfait
サバイヨン sabayon Egg yolk + granulated sugar + liquor Served with biscuits or served as a sauce
ソース・オ・フリュイ sauce aux fruits sauce aux fruits Sauce of fruit puree + syrup dessert
ソース・オ・ショコラ sauce au chocolat Milk + chocolate

Claim Anglaise + Chocolat

ソース・オ・カラメル sauce au caramel Granulated sugar + water or fresh cream dessert




-French cuisine, 基本調理

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